In two words...

It is to give free rein to my passion for jewelry and share my love for this refined art that I created "Anne Emptas Paris" with the aim of designing and creating luxury jewelry for a demanding clientele. My mastery of goldsmith's techniques and gemstone cutting allows me to fully shape jewelry that corresponds to the desires of my clients.

Know-how and production techniques

The production methods that I practice are those implemented by classical jewelry. Most of the work is done by hand, but I also use more modern techniques such as CAD.

I am able to work with any precious metal, gold, silver or platinum. I am also equipped to shape stones.

From a drawing made with the client, according to his taste, I create a wax model.

Once this model is validated, I mold the jewel according to the lost wax casting technique. Then I work the metal, and if necessary I finish the assembly by welding to give the jewel its final aspect.

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